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Another World "Mercury"

What's Mercury?

You might think its one of the Elements , Yes you are right! But there is another Mercury which is a Planet!!

Now let's Know More about Mercury..

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and the least explored of the four inner rocky planets. Its surface is covered in greyish-brown dust and looks like similar to our Moon, with lots of craters where it has been hit by space rocks. Scientists think that there is no possibility of life here...

Smallest Planet

Mercury is the smallest of the eight planets in our Solar System- it is only slightly bigger than Earth's Moon!

What's Inside Mercury?

Mercury has a rocky surface, but inside is a very large metallic core , part of which is molten (Liquid).

Extreme Temperatures...

Mercury is a world of Extreme Temperatures. During day it is scorching hot , That is it can reach upto 427 degree celcius, But at night it is very cold and can reach upto -173 degree celcius !

Planet gazing...

People have been observing Mercury for a very long time, But nobody knows who discovered it! Sometimes It can be seen From Earth during Sunrise and Sunset!

Visible at night ..

Mercury is not the only planet that can be seen with naked eyes. The Others are Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn!

Fun Fact : Even Binoculars can give you a clear view of Mercury! Thank You For Reading! Hope You learnt something from this blog! Go Check out my other Blogs too... Thank You!!

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