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Earth's Evil twin?

Is there another Earth?? Or is there a twin for our Earth?? Maybe its not true , there is another planet which is similar to Earth! That is Venus!

Earth and Venus are about the same size , and are made up of similar rocky materials, but that's where the similarities end! Venus is a deadly world. Its boiling hot, covered in volcanoes, and cloaked in an atmosphere of deadly poisonous gases.

Let's Study the differences between the Earth and Its Evil Twin..



Venus is covered in volcanoes. There is evidence that some may still be erupting!

Barren surface

There are no rivers or lakes in the surface of Venus. The only rain that Venus gets is the acid rain would burn through your skin!

Toxic Clouds

Venus is covered in clouds of Sulfuric Acid. The atmosphere is so thick that it would crush you in seconds!



Earth is home to an amazing variety of plants and animals.


Earth's Atmosphere protects it from dangerous space radiation, and contains gases like oxygen that we need to breathe.


About 71 percent of Earth's Surface is covered by water, which is a Vital ingredient for life .


With its distance from the Sun, It is perfect temperature for life - neither too hot nor too cold.

Fun Facts

1) Venus has 0 moons !

2) Its distance from the Sun is 108 million Km (67 million miles)!

3)Its length of the year is 225 days where as in Earth It's 365 days and 6 hours !

4)Venus is the hottest planet in the Solar System!

Thank You for Reading ! Hope You learnt something from this ! Share your response about how you felt about this blog !

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