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Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What is the Sun?

Located at the centre of our Solar System is the Sun. It is a Star like the ones you see in the night sky... A burning ball of gas, made of mostly Hydrogen and Helium, it provides us with the heat we need to survive. The Sun is so massive that its gravity - the force that pulls things together - keeps the planets in orbit around it.

Our Star

Energy is constantly being generated deep within the Sun. It take up to 100,000 years for the energy to reach the surface, but then it only takes 8 minutes to reach the Earth!

Solar Flare

Huge eruptions from the surface of the Sun are called Solar Prominences. They form loops because of the Sun's invisible magnetic field.


Dark patches that appear on the surface of the sun are called Sunspots. They are cooler areas that usually last for few weeks.

How Big is the Sun?

The Sun is so Ginormous that all of the planets of the Solar System could fit inside it hundreds of times over!


As well as Heat and light, the Sun blasts out special particles called Solar Wind. When these get trapped by Earth's magnetic field, near the poles they can create spectacular light shows , which are wonderful to see! They appear in Various Bright colours !

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